Turnover in FY 2016

About 300 Million USD(JWCU) / 190 Million USD (CWC)

Individual Members in Member Coops: 64,626 (13,420 worker members and 51,206 members of JOCCU. As of March 2017)


  • Elderly care: day care, home and personal care, home delivered meals, preventive care, etc.
  • Services for children and parents: nursery school, after-school program, children’s center, childcare support, etc.
  • Care and support for people with disabilities: day care, after-school program (for children with disabilities), vocational training, job assistance, etc.
  • Support for the youth: “Youth Support Station”, job assistance, internship, etc.
  • Support for disaster victims (particularly in the Tohoku Region), the poor and “needy”: the “System of Independence Support for the Needy” (80), vocational training, job assistance, job creation, etc.
  • Operation of public facilities: senior center, community center, hot spring, funeral home, etc.
  • Building maintenance: hospital cleaning, street/park cleaning, House cleaning,and others.

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